Trusted friend to bring you to live with indigenous tribe and feel the sensation of the paradise waves


A Mentawai Guide is great for someone who’s planning to visit the Mentawai Island.  Whether it be trekking in Siberut or surfing some waves in paradise, it's an amazing place which offers an unforgettable experience. Mentawai Guide Ricky Vhoetra is a friend that obtains substantial knowledge about the island, making it easy for you to personalize your trip with what you'd like to experience and accomplish.  Ricky is very experienced in guiding travelers on the island.  His knowledge and resources offer the experience of living with the indigenous tribes deep in the heart of the Rain Forest. These tribes who are still living the most traditional Mentawai lifestyle. There are several independent guides on the mainland of West Sumatra that could bring you to the tribes. However, they take you to tribal villages that are often visited by tourists. Ricky offers trips to stay with the most authentic and unseen tribes that sprinkle the Mentawai island.  It is a longer trek, but it is completely worth it to experience the places most travelers fail to go. Most importantly, Ricky used to involve the native Mentawai in working together, showing them how to be good hosts. Working with natives is a great idea since they know everything there is to know about their land.

Since the 80’s, the Mentawai paradise found fame as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. A few Australian surfers had stumbled upon the incredible waves the island offers. Lately Mentawai had become a hot spot surfing destination sought after by anyone who took surfing seriously. In a short time, many surf resorts were built close to popular surf spots and offered great luxurious facilities. Ricky would like to know, what are the surfers actually looking for? Waves and great facilities? As if there was no other option to riding the same sensational Mentawai Waves? Ricky could help you get the same sensation riding waves, but also the living experience to go along with it.  In the end, you came here for the experience right?  Ricky can help you achieve a better experience, while saving money at the same time.  Enjoying the waves while living the real side of the Mentawai would be a perfect experience for you.  We offer you low budget surfing, while staying in a simple cottage with proper food and a proper room. This would enhance the full experience of being in a beautiful hidden paradise. We know what's best for surfing in Mentawai!


Ricky also has experience in how to organize filming in Mentawai. With help from other friends he can make it happen! He used to work with a journalist previously.


Please feel free to contact Ricky! If you are wondering what Mentawai is like, or have any questions about the island or a trip, please don't hesitate to ask! You can't help but feel Ricky is a friend, rather than a guide when you travel with him. Hope to hear from you!

Contact him at: ichy83@hotmail.com    phone: 081363811736, 0751445514

Ricky just working with top travel photographer and help them getting amazing photograph of Mentawai people. the photographers who ask Ricky is Joey L ( www.joeyl.com ) and Diego Verges ( www.diegoverges.com )